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What is Trail Kidz?

Trail Kidz was created to encourage kids to get outside and enjoy nature through hiking and trail running. We currently offer one-on-one and group sessions on local trails around Los Angeles. Our sessions range from short hikes to long runs up to mountain peaks, over 10,000 ft! 




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Step away from the screens and step into nature!



1. Unplugging Together - We all know kids spend crazy amounts of time on digital media nowadays. Getting outside for a hike or run is a great way to reconnect with nature and experience some real life fun.

2. Exposure to Wildlife - We see many different types of wildlife on our sessions such as deer, lizards, hawks, and foxes to name a few. Observing wildlife in their natural habitat sparks kids' curiosity unlike anything else!

3. Building Confidence - Hiking and running is the perfect activity to gain confidence for kids. We get out to trails that vary in levels of difficulty. We start on easy trails and teach the kids with dedication and hard work, they can work up to more difficult and rewarding trails. There's nothing like watching someone get to the top of a mountain they thought was impossible only months earlier!

 4. Increasing Fitness - Running and hiking is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape. It improves performance in other activities by strengthening back and core muscles as well as the cardiovascular system. Trail running also helps to keep tendons and muscles in the lower leg flexible and strong. 

5. Mental Benefits - Recent studies have shown that regular exercise can help children focus; especially benefitting children with ADHD. It has also been proven that exercising in nature can help to combat stress, anxiety, and depression. 


About The Founder

Andrew Tyler 

Andrew is an outdoor enthusiasts from Lincoln, Nebraska. Whether it's trail running, backpacking, or skiing, he likes to spend as much time as possible in nature. He has run multiple ultramarathons, including one 100 mile race, and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with his partner, Becca, in 2022. When he was a child, his parents made it a priority to go on hiking and camping trips, which instilled his passion for being in nature. Andrew has worked with kids for over 16 years and created Trail Kidz to share his love for the outdoors and encourage living a healthy lifestyle. 

The Team


Steph Schick

Session Leader

Steph has been an athlete her whole life, competing collegiately in swimming, long distance triathlon, and now ultra running! She moved to LA two years ago and has since familiarized herself with many stunning SoCal trails! Previously, Steph taught through Teach for America and has coached kids of all ages in competitive swimming. She loves endurance sports, the outdoors, and sharing that passion with those around her.

Sawna Guadarrama in the San Juans

Sawna Guadarrama

Session Leader

Sawna is an experienced ultra runner and adventure guide. She has completed numerous 100 mile races including a 120 mile race in Canada where she snagged a 2nd place finish. She loves sharing her passion for the outdoors and has lead many groups on adventures all over the world with Run Like a Girl retreats.


Becca Staff

Session Leader

Becca is a life-long athlete and spends most of her free time running or hiking on the local SoCal trails! She was a Division 1 collegiate rower and has a degree in Health and Exercise Science. Recently, she ran her first ultramarathon, backpacked the Pacific Crest Trail, and rafted the Grand Canyon. She has her Wilderness First Responder certification and is excited to share her passion and knowledge of the outdoors with adults and kids alike.

The Sessions

The sessions aren't just about going for a run or a hike. It's about spending time with a mentor who promotes a healthy lifestyle and teaches valuable skills. Our session leaders know how to create goals for each kid that encourage them to push themselves and makes them feel accomplished. Be sure to fill out specific goals you may have on the application so we can be sure to pick out the best guide for your child! We have a wide range of availability so sessions can scheduled just about anytime, for any amount of time you choose.

Group Session


Round up a group and save! Our group sessions are great for any level of experience. We stick with the most comfortable pace for the entire group and bring extra sessions leaders for larger groups. 

1-On-1 Session


Our solo sessions are specifically customized to each child's ability and are held at many different locations. This is a great way to let the kids go their own pace of running or hiking and explore some more of  LA's trails.

Group Package

$180  ($30 SAVINGS)

This Package is a great option for those looking to get out to the trails a little more regularly in a group. It includes 6, one hour sessions at a variety of local trails.

*Packages MUST be redeemed within 60 days from date purchased.

1-On-1 Elite Package

$360  ($70 SAVINGS)

This Package is a great option for those looking to get out to the trails a little more regularly in 1-on-1 sessions. It includes 6, one hour sessions at a variety of local trails.

*Packages MUST be redeemed within 60 days from date purchased.

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"Andrew has successfully worked with our son, Austin for well over 5 years now. Austin not only enjoys his weekly Trail Kidz sessions with Andrew and Becca, he has also made steady progress in his stamina, posture and running ability. He even completed multiple 5k races! The photos the session leaders  send after each session is a thoughtful and welcome touch and we delight in seeing Austin in the beautiful running environment Trail Kidz provides. We haven't found anything like it and we're grateful to Andrew and Becca for creating such a unique and important opportunity."


"Trail Kidz is the best! Andrew  led our son, Will, through outdoor running adventures that brought joy, tranquility, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment to Will. Andrew is a responsible, friendly running companion and provided an energetic and thoughtful mentorship to our son. Andrew communicates well, provides gorgeous photos of the runs, and really cares about his Trail Kidz runners. Seeing Will at the top of his Mt. Baldy run with Andrew was a highlight of our year!"


"Trail Kidz ROCKS! Our son, Logan, looks forward to his weekly runs! He loves the challenge, the fun trails, and being outdoors enjoying nature! Andrew is such an awesome session leader and we can't thank him enough for the love of running he's instilled in Logan."



Where do the sessions take place?

Most of the sessions take place at various locations surrounding the San Fernando Valley. We also lead longer, more advanced hikes and runs in the San Gabriel Mountains. The most common place we start from is Caballero Canyon, in the Santa Monica Mountains, where there are multiple options for hikes varying in difficulty. Caballero Trailhead:

How and when do I pay for the session?

We accept cash or online mobile payment such as Venmo or PayPal. We ask for the payments to be made before each session starts.

What is the cancellation policy?

When a session is confirmed, the session leader is setting aside that time out of their day for you. Please respect that by giving a cancellation notice at least 24 hrs before the session to avoid a cancellation fee of $50.

Can parents join?

Bring the family! Parents are welcome to come along on one session for free. After that, it is $15 per person for parents/guardians.


What does my child need to bring?

Running shoes or hiking boots are recommended depending on the activity for traction and stability. We can help pick out a right shoe for your child if needed. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are great for sunny days. We provide water for every session and a snack for longer sessions.

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